The Interactive Notebook

Instructions for the English Interactive Notebook

The Interactive Notebook is a project that we will work on four days a week in class. The purpose of this notebook is to help students prepare for the weekly vocabulary quizzes and to take an in depth look at the themes of the stories that we read. The notebook grade is a completion grade, because the skills acquired while completing the pages of this notebook will be tested on other quizzes and assignments throughout the quarter.

Every student will need a wide ruled spiral notebook with at least 50 pages in it, and a new notebook will be needed for each quarter. Do not take the pages out of this notebook to use for other assignments or you will run out of pages before the end of the quarter.

Here is a breakdown of how we will use the notebook on each day of the week

Monday: Vocabulary Work

Tuesday: Vocabulary Sentences

Wednesday: Vocabulary Worksheet (Cut and Pasted Into Notebook)

Thursday: Theme Journal

Each page of the notebook is worth one point. Because this is a completion grade, it is essential that the students follow these four rules. A page will not earn the point if any of these four things are done incorrectly.

1. The entire page must be complete to earn the point. Students can finish pages at home if they do not finish them in class.

2. Every page must be written in blue or black ink.

3. Every page must have the proper heading on it. (name, date, class period, page #)

4. Every page must be started on the right side. You may continue to the back side if you need more room to complete and assignment.

Hopefully this explains the journal notebook and will help you to check on the notebook during the quarter.