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The Space Race

Sputnik Worksheet

"Dedication of the Aerospace Medical Center" - John F. Kennedy (Textbook)

"Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost" - Joan Vernikos (Close Reader)

October Sky - Movie

October Sky Worksheet


Our Great Ocean

"Exploring the Ocean" - Philippe Cousteau (Textbook)

"Stinging Tentacles" - Elisabeth Rosenthal (Close Reader)

"Survive the Savage Sea" - Dougal Robertson

"Survive the Savage Sea" Worksheet

"Survive the Savage Sea" Questions

"Living in the Dark" - Cheryl Bardoe (Textbook)


Short Stories

Papa's Parrot

Rikki Tikki Tavi


Argument Writing

Argument Essay Practice



Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli (Novel)

Stargirl Student Question Packet