Click the name of the story or essay to open the link to read it. If there isn't a link, that means you can find it in your textbook or close reader.

Core Literature

“Magic and the Brain" – Susana Martinex-Conde/ Stephen Macknik (Textbook)
“Superman and Me” –Sheman Alexie
“Fish Cheeks” –Amy Tan
“The Night the Bed Fell” – James Thurber

“Sorry Wrong Number” – Lucille Fletcher (Textbook)
"Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" - Rod Serling Short Stories"
"Heartbeat" - David Yoo (Close Reader)
"Another Place, Another Time" - Cory Doctorow (Textbook)
"Vesuvius" - Sara C. Bisel (In Class Text Only)
"Amigo Brothers"-Piri Thomas
"After Twenty Years" - O. Henry
"Three Skeleton Key" - George Toudouze
"The Third Wish" - Joan Aiken

"The Song of Wandering Aengus" - W.B. Yeats (Textbook)

Folk Tale
"The People Could Fly" – Virgina Hamilton (Textbook)