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Core Literature

Peak –Roland Smith

Short Stories
“7th Grade" – Gary Soto
“No Guitar Blues” – Gary Soto
“Rogue Wave” – Theodore Taylor (Textbook)
“All Summer in a Day” – Ray Bradbury
“The Eye of God” – Bruce Tracy
“Zoo” – Edward Hoch
“Big Things Come in Small Packages” – Eleanora Tate (Close Reader)
“A Boy and a Man” – James Ramsey Ullman

Non Fiction
“Rescued Teen” – Paul Harris (Textbook)
“Ship of Fools” – Joanna Weiss (Textbook)
“Was Abby Too Young” – CBS News (Textbook)
“Women in Aviation” - Patricia and Fredrick McKassack (Textbook)
Finding Your Everest” – Robert Medina
“Into Thin Air” - Jon Krakauer

“The Flight of Icarus” – Retold by Sally Benson (Textbook)